Amazing Audio Narrators

I’ve developed a love for audiobooks. They give me an opportunity to “read” and get lost in a story without feeling guilty for having my nose in a book instead of doing laundry or playing with my dogs, or just… generally being productive.

But this love was breaking the bank. Audiobooks can be expensive, yo. The library’s supply was just not able to keep up with my demand. Then I found the Audible Romance package… what?!? If you have Kindle Unlimited (which I do), it’s only $6.95 a month and you can listen to an unlimited number of novels from their romance library. (Not a KU member? You can still get the package for $14.95 a month.)

For those with long commutes or book guilt like me, I cannot recommend it highly enough! I’ve been burning through novel after novel and I still have a hugely long list of titles to be listened to. It’s saving me a fortune!

Another reason I love audiobooks is because when you get the right narrator, the whole story can come alive. It’s like no other experience. For those who love audiobooks, or are interested in trying them out, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite narrators and titles.

So, listen up! (see what I did there?)

bim6. Chris Brinkley: I haven’t heard him narrate anything other than Penny Reid’s amazing Winston Brothers series. But his rich, deep voice is perfect for the series. Just the sound of it conjures up images of bearded men in plaid flannel and work boots and I am hooked! You can tell he’s reading with a side grin and there’s a touch of mischief in his voice that is oh-so appealing. To hear Brinkley in action as Beau Winston in Beard in Mind, click here and then click on the Audible Sample link on the left.

cake5. Andi Arndt: Andi, Andi, Andi… Andi is a FREQUENTLY used narrator in the romance genre. She’s talked to me late into the night many, many times. I’ve heard her voice so much I feel like she’s a personal friend of mine. Part of what makes her so good is her sultry voice, but the other part has more to do with how she can sound seductive without sounding trashy. Let’s be honest, she talks a lot about engorged genitalia and burning loins. It’s hard to do that and still sound classy, but my friend Andi pulls it off with ease. Click on the Audible Sample here to listen to Andi narrate a novel I really enjoyed, J. Bengtsson’s Cake.

4. Sebastian York: York is another frequent flyer in the romance genre of audiobooks. Why? Because his voice is so quintessentially manly. It’s rough, it’s deep, and it’s oh so sexy. It’s the ideal voice you’d like to hear whisper in your ear when no one else is around. Someone online told me they saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s face every time they heard York’s voice and I think that’s pretty accurate.


He can be charming and sweet; he can be caddish and dirty. York’s voice just oozes sex and is perfect for this genre. Click in the Audible Sample in the left here to hear York narrate Big Rock by Lauren Blakely.

beauty3. Joy Nash: OK, in the interest of fairness, I probably shouldn’t have two Penny Reid narrators on my short list, but trust me; they both deserve to be here. Joy Nash is amazing! She imbues such humor into her reading. And sass. When she reads Ashley Winston from Reid’s Beauty and the Mustache, she brings to life the feisty Southern belle, whether she’s shouting “Butter my biscuits” or “Bless your heart.” Have a listen to Nash bring Ashley to life by clicking on the Audible Sample link on the left here 

2. Callie Dalton: Oh Callie… The Bestie and I agree that Callie is the best. She narrates most of Mariana Zapata’s novels, including Under Locke, which I recently reviewed. She is perfection. She brings both innocence and strength to the characters she narrates, something required for a Zapata heroine. You know what else she does really, really well? Narrates male dialogue. Many of Zapata’s heroes are a little domineering. Always very alpha and Dalton voices them well. She makes bikers and athletes sound sexy and real. Not an easy feat for a female. Here’s a sample of Dalton in action, reading Under Locke.

1. Zachary Webber: I don’t know where to start with Webber. I’ve heard judges on singing competitions say, “You could sing the phone book,” well……. He could read the phone book and I would still listen in. Webber also narrates under the name Jacob Morgan and his voice is perfection.


He’d have to be good to be asked to voice the infamous Christan Grey in Grey, right?

The Bestie and I have listened to countless books narrated by Webber. We seek them out because he is that good. Actual conversation we’ve had:

Me: You need to listen to Helena Hunting’s Pucked Off! Zachary Webber doing a Scottish brogue.

Bestie: I NEED IT!!!!!!

We’ve decided we like it when Webber drops the F Bomb. Some don’t like cursing, but for us? It’s wicked sexy. At least from Webber.


princeI could recommend so many Webber narrations, but I think I’ll choose Broken Prince (though this is book 2 in a three part series), because it was the first time I listened to Webber narrate. And I’m sure it’s a BIG reason why Reed Royal is one of my favorite book boyfriends! Listen to a sample here.

Which narrators do you enjoy listening to? Sound off in the comments for me and give me something new to try!


  1. I had no idea they did packages like this- is it only for romance or are there others? A narrator can make or break an audiobook- I’ve definitely returned books because of it


  2. OMGGGGG Sebastion York and Zachary Webber are proof that you can fall in love with someone because of their voice alone.

    Andi and Callie are my girls!

    I also love Jennifer Ikeda (A Court of Thorns & Roses, Discovery of Witches) – her ability to do a million accents with different cadences and tonalities is mind-boggling.

    I have huge girl crushes on Sephanie Rose (American Queen) and Rose Diorio (Pucked Off).

    And the Audible Romance package is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


  3. […] to this in audio form, rather than reading it. I decided that no one could voice Theo as well as my favorite, Zachary Webber could. This morning I went to Audible to check and guess who is narrating […]


  4. Omg!! Zachary Webber/Jacob Morgan!! Yes!! I will read ANYTHING he narrates. Such a sexy voice. So expressive. He always pulls at my heart strings. When he says puck? oh… my…God!!!!!! I totally get if!!! The first book I listened to with his narration was “Caveman” by Jo Raven he narrated under Jacob Morgan. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Andi Arndt is my other fave. And when they come together on a book? My world is compete.

    Another great narrator though she passed away is Anna Fields. If you like the author Susan Elizabeth Phillips, she narrated all her books up til her death. She did good work. You should check her out.


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