Unique Blogger Award #3

Happy Thursday! Rachael at Beach Bookworm has nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award! Thank you, Rachael. I think I’m more just weirdo than unique, but I appreciate the nomination. Y’all should go check out Rachael’s blog; it’s really cute. And Rachael is a Hufflepuff so you know she knows what’s up!

The Unique Blogger Award


  • Display the award!
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!

Rachael’s Questions

What is the first book you read by yourself?

Hmmm…. That’s really hard for me to remember because my family are all big readers and they all read to me when I was little. I’m not sure I remember the first time I picked one up and read on my own. But I have distinct memories of reading both Amelia Bedelia Helps Out and Pippa Mouse so it had to be one of those!

How many physical books do you own?

I am a BIG Kindle reader with an iPad with tons of space so I don’t have that many physicals books, compared to most bookworms. But I do have quite a few of my favorites in hardback and if I can get my hands on a signed book, I’m going to do it!

I probably have about 150-175 physical books at home.

What is one or some of your bad book habit(s)?

Hmmm…. I have a tendency to keep an eye on the page number or percentage left until the end of the book. It sometimes takes me out of the story. I don’t know why I do it either! It’s not like I’m anxious for the story to end!

Also, using random things like business cards or postcards for bookmarks. Then I leave them in the back of the book and later, when I want to phone number on it, I can’t remember where it is! Still, it’s better than defacing a perfectly good book by dog-earing the pages! LOL

My Nominations

Here are eight blogs that I really appreciate. Check them out too! And taggers, if you do not like being tagged or do not want to participate, no pressure and no hard feelings if you skip.

I nominate:

Astrid @ Bookish Sweet Tooth

KarenJo @ Sincerely KarenJo

Jasmine @ Jasmine’s Reading

Elise @ Bookish Actress

Kristi @ Confessions of a YA Reader

Rae @ Thrifty Bibliophile

LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks

Becky @ Velvet Spade Reads

My Questions

1. What book are you always thinking about even though you read it a long time ago?

2. If I wrote a book about your life, what should I title it?

3. If you could travel anywhere, in this very moment, where would you go? What book character would you take with you?


  1. Thank you so much for the tag, my friend! If I didn’t run a bookstagram account, I’m pretty sure all of my books would be on my kindle. I love my kindle to pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG STOP! Amelia Bedelia Helps Out is one of my childhood books, too! My daughter loves reading them, now!

    Also, I like how you’re like, “I don’t have that many physical books” yet you have 150 LMAO! I think to normal non-bookish people like us, they’d think that was a lot.

    Checking the percentage left/read when I read eBooks is my ultimate downfall! Yet, I feel lost when I don’t have it turned on. #booknerdproblems

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