Hot Pursuit


By Rebecca Freeborn
Goodreads / Amazon
Series?: No
Publisher: Pantera Press
Release Date:May 1, 2018
Length: 266 pages
Format: NetGalley e-book
Rating: 3 Stars

The Blurb:

Sarah Burrowes is left with a shattered heart and a huge mortgage after the love of her life abrubtly runs out on her.
An aspiring journalist, Sarah spends her days slaving away at a gossip magazine – far from her dream job.
Heartbroken and fed up, Sarah decides to take her career by the reins and lands herself the assignment of a lifetime in Europe. But there’s a catch – her boss pairs her with gorgeous but egocentric photographer, Nick, who just happens to be her ex’s best friend.
But when Sarah’s assignment takes a darker turn, she discovers there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Is she ready to risk everything to get the scoop?

My Thoughts:

If the novel Hot Pursuit were a pair of shoes, it would be a pair of Old Navy flip flops. Totally fun and comfortable. You’re glad you wore them, but they didn’t really add anything to your outfit.

There was a lot of humor in the novel, which I always enjoy. There were just a few small bones I had to pick with the book. First, there could’ve been more fire between Sarah and Nick. They’re supposed to hate each other (well, she hates him anyway), I want to feel the contention dripping off of them. That would’ve made an exciting read. Instead, Nick makes Sarah feel bad about herself a bunch, she calls him names and it’s amusing, but I don’t feel the heat that I want between the two.

Second, Sarah was just a little too naive for my liking. I get that she’s not a world traveler. But I’ve never left the U.S. and I know how to protect myself from a pick pocket. I know not to trust strangers. And I find it incredibly hard to believe that as a journalist by trade (even if it is for a gossip mag) that she wouldn’t have a smartphone. She’d be researcher and answering work-related emails. I mean, come on.

But, Hot Pursuit (like my old pair of Old Navy flip flops that I keep by the back door) was there for me when I needed it. Trapped inside without power during Hurricane Florence, I let Hot Pursuit take me on a journey from Australia to Spain, Paris, Amsterdam and back again. I was entertained and what more could I ask for in those circumstances???

OK, maybe I would’ve liked a couple to root for a little more. A heroine with as much brains as she has spunk. If intelligent romance is what you’re looking for, this isn’t the novel for you. But if you’re pure entertainment – like the equivalent of a car-chase movie – let Hot Pursuit take you around the world. It’ll be a fun ride.




  1. I keep my $1 Old Navy flip flops at my garage door, but if I wear them for more than a trip to my mailbox or to retrieve something out of my car, they give me blisters between my toes or they break. They’re good for what they are, but you can’t expect more from them. I feel your analogy is just about perfect. This book sounds like it is good for what it is, but don’t go in with high expectations.

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