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About the Book:

Title: Boy In A Band
Goodreads / Amazon / TBD
Publisher: Lisa Loomis Books
Release Date: July 2018
Length: 458 pages
Format: paperback, ebook

The Blurb:

Living on a quiet dead-end street Morgan Mallory is like any other thirteen-year-old girl growing up in a progressive time full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. That is until one rainy night in a dark California neighborhood the lives of two young teens will be altered forever.

Morgan tagging along with her mother for a day is pressured to make one last stop at a friend’s house. Annoyed to be there in the first place Morgan is mortified when her mother’s friend, Ann, insists she met her son who is playing guitar in his room.

As Mathew O’Conner yanks open the door Morgan is completely taken aback by the blond haired, blue eyed, young man in front of her. When Ann leaves Morgan nervously standing in the hall alone Mathew invites Morgan in where he further mesmerizes her with the sound of his guitar. Completely and utterly unnerved by his stunning good looks and talent Morgan feels something she has never felt.

Is this her first innocent crush or something much bigger?

One thing is certain, this moment will send Morgan on an emotional journey she could have never anticipated.

My Thoughts:

Much like our heroine Morgan, I went back and forth between loving Mathew and wanting to punch him in the ‘nads. The plot of this one hit a little too close to home for me.

See, the summer I graduated high school I had my own version of Mathew (Ironically his name was… Morgan. LOL). My Morgan and I were friends and I had a desperate crush on him. I often had to sit and listen to him tell tale after tale about whatever girl he was currently banging and it was super painful. So I totally get why Boook Morgan would return again and again to Mathew despite how badly he hurt her. I understand because I did it myself time and again. I was the fill in girl when there was no girlfriend in the picture. It’s pathetic, but true.

As I said, to me this book felt entirely too real, and that didn’t always set well with me. But there was a lot I liked about it. I loved the friendship between Morgan and Gayle. It too felt very real. In fact so much of this book felt so true to life that I question if this is more a Loomis biography than a fictitious story. Something to ponder….

I also loved that, as this was set in the 70s, there was no use of cell phones or Google, inventions that likely would’ve cleared up many misunderstandings throughout the novel.

I’m trying to keep this review spoiler free, so I will not go into too many details, but I will say the ending is a surprise and one that could upset those who look for Happily Ever Afters in their reading. I appreciate those as much as the next girl, but sometimes I wanna take a breath and read something that is rooted in reality and Boy in a Band is definitely that!

About Lisa:

Lisa+Loomis+BW+photoLisa Loomis was born in Oakland California and raised in San Jose until she was a sophomore in high school. Her father then took a job in the San Diego area where he moved the family to Escondido, California (or Hickville as she called it). She finished high school at San Pasqual High then went to junior college at Palomar JC, ultimately graduating from San Diego State University with a BS in Finance.

Lisa started a career in mortgage banking in San Diego, California, briefly shifted to a corporate job as a territory sales representative, and then back to mortgage banking in 1996 when the family moved from the San Diego area to Park City, Utah. The move to Park City was prompted by a desire for a lifestyle change. Both she and her husband Dennis wanted to raise their two children in a smaller town environment that was still close to a large city.

In Park City, Lisa not only ran a mortgage branch but simultaneously helped Dennis run a successful construction company, Loomis Construction. Working full time, running a construction company in off hours, and raising two children was never easy but Lisa seemed to handle it all pretty well until the financial meltdown of 2008. That is when the wheels came off…completely.

Finding both her career in mortgage banking and the family business almost vanish overnight Lisa went back to a passion she’s always had, writing. It took Lisa almost four years to write “Boy In A Band”, stopping and starting, telling herself she couldn’t write a book. Once it was written Lisa foolishly thought the hard part was finished. In the last ten years, Lisa has continued to help her husband with their construction business as well as spends time writing.

Lisa’s currently lives and writes in Park City, Utah. She has been married for twenty-nine years and enjoys spending time with their grown children who live in Salt Lake City. You can find her self-published books on Amazon.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | BookBub | Amazon |  Goodreads

Giveaway Details:

band3 winners will win a paperback of BOY IN A BAND, US Only.

2 winners will receive an eBook of BOY IN A BAND, International.

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One comment

  1. Thank you for your honest review! I get why you wanted to punch him in the nads…many do. The truth as you state is that many a girl has done this same thing. Love can be very messy and I tend to like the story of messy and real vs. all roses and rainbows. Like country songs.


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