Losing Hope and Finding Cinderella


By Colleen Hoover
Goodreads ¦ Audible
Series?: Yes, Hopeless #2
Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Length: 10 hours, 33 minutes
Format: Audible
Rating: 3… Maybe 3.5 Stars?

Aaaaannnnd, my hot streak is broken. 😦 I’m so disappointed too because I loooove Colleen Hoover! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate the book. It’s just that I’d been rolling along for weeks with 4.5 being the lowest rating I gave anything and this was just… ok. At least it’s good to know I still have my edge!

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Totally me being all “edgy” and stuff….

So, I loved Hopeless, the first book in the series. That’s where we’re introduced to Sky, a girl with no memories of her childhood, and Holder, the boy who’s sure she should remember him. That novel was very emotional and truly brought tears to my eyes. I’m jaded so even when I love a book and I have the feels, it can still be hard to make my eyes moist, but Hopeless did that.

Losing Hope is Hopeless from Holder’s perspective. So I was sure I’d love it too, but I just…didn’t. Holder lost some of his appeal when we lost the mystery of what was going on in his head. I can buy a grown man thinking about soulmates and cherishing someone completely, but that man is an adult who has more experience….  I am sorry, but 18-year-old boys do not think the way Holder thinks. They do not talk the way he talks. I just found the whole thing very melodramatic.

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Totally Holder being all melodramatic and stuff….

Maybe it was a bad narrator? I was listening with my fiance in the room and he has never, ever made fun of one of my romances or anything, but he laughed at part of this story and I think he was kind of right to.

That said, I still like the story. I still love Sky and her ability to carry on through sheer force of will. And I really enjoyed getting to know more about Holder’s sister, Less. Learning her thoughts before she committed suicide gave me even more respect for Sky and her ability to persevere.

But all in all I just thought the story was ok. Now, Finding Cinderella? That’s a different story! (See what I did there? Because not only did I feel different about that book, but it’s literally a different story??) LOL I know. I’m lame.


By Colleen Hoover
Goodreads ¦ Audible
Series?: Yes, Hopeless #2.5
Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Length: 4 hours, 2 minutes
Format: Audible
Rating: 4 Solid Stars

In Finding Cinderella Holder’s best friend, Daniel, gets his happy ending. One year ago, Holder kissed (and later had sex with) a stranger in a dark janitor’s closet. And since then he has been unable to forget about her. And then he meets Hope’s best friend, Six, and he’s ready to move on. But is he moving on?

I love Daniel’s quirky sense of humor and the fact that you can always count on him to say the wrong thing. But he’s loyal and he would do anything for his best friend, Holder. Hands down he was my favorite character in Losing Hope. And Six? She is sarcastic and sweet all at the same time. I love her. Their story is short – the paperback is only 176 pages – and yet it was enough to fully invest me in their relationship. I love them separately but even more together.

Side note? Daniel’s parents are hilarious! At least he comes by his personality honestly?

Four stars!


  1. ” Holder lost some of his appeal when we lost the mystery of what was going on in his head.”

    I’ve found this to be true for several books… it makes me almost wish that you didn’t get that alternate POV because the mystery of certain characters is so much better.

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