Counterfeit Boyfriend

By Cindi Madsen

Insta-love romances often bother me? Do I believe in love at first sight? Mmmm…. no. Though (as I’ve mentioned before) my fiance claimed he loved me right away. But I do believe in instant attraction and that a whirlwind experience can lead to love. And that’s what happens in Madsen’s Counterfeit Boyfriend.

Here’s the premise: Ethan has been cleaning up his twin brother Evan’s messes their entire life. When Evan asks him  to switch places and accompany his girlfriend to a wedding back home. After all, he has some important partying to do.

When Ethan meets Gwen to plan their road trip he instantly feels a spark. How can his brother be so stupid to treat this gorgeous girl so badly? Gwen, was thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend, Evan. He’s hot but he’s not the most attentive boyfriend and he’s not exactly very driven. But when they meet for coffee before heading home for her friend’s wedding? He’s…. different. She can’t put her finger on it, but Evan has suddenly become the perfect boyfriend. The two embark on an epic road trip until the expected happens and Gwen discovers the truth.

I thought this book was adorable! All these bloggers are writing this week about their favorite beach and pool reads and, IMHO, this is a perfect choice for that kind of book.

The writing is tight. The chemistry between the H and h is palpable. Was it sometimes annoying that Gwen couldn’t see the obvious truth? A little. But come on! She didn’t even know Evan had a brother, let alone a twin! I liked Gwen. She’s smart, snarky and she loves animals. She could be me! And Ethan? He is sexy and smart and a little nerdy. Hello perfect book boyfriend! I felt so bad for him throughout the book. He desperately wanted to tell her the truth because he was falling for her, but couldn’t because of fear of losing her. At times it was a predictable, but I will forgive any of that because I so enjoyed the ride.

Bottom line: Counterfeit Boyfriend is sweet, sexy and totally fun. I’m giving it four stars. I’m looking forward to Evan’s book (because it was pretty obvious there would be one… Where did he and Gwen’s roommate, Tori run off to at the twins’ birthday party???)

Add  this to your Goodreads summer TBR list today!

*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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