Maybe Someday and Maybe Not

By Colleen Hoover

This is the romance that I have been waiting for! Why oh why did this sit on my TBR for sooooo long? Maybe Someday is (dare I say it?) pure perfection! Finally, a heroine and a hero that I both like from the beginning who are kept apart by circumstances that are at once real, believable and heart-wrenching!

Sydney did NOT get the birthday present she was expecting when she comes home and finds that her boyfriend and roommate have been having an affair behind her back. Forced out onto the street without even her purse to find cab fare she takes refuge in the apartment of the mysterious stranger across the way… Ridge.

Ridge and Sydney are instantly attracted to each other, but there is much more than her recent breakup keeping them apart. And their journey to be together is lovely, sexy and heartbreaking. I loved every minute of it!

As seen in some of her other novels, like Ugly Love, Hoover is a master at putting obstacles in front of our couples that feel like they could actually happen. I love a far fetched romantic comedy as much as the next girl! But sometimes don’t you just want to scream into your book or reading device, “Please! Like that would ever happen!” Hoover gives us obstacles that COULD happen and do happen every day. Yet the story is never boring or run-of-the-mill. I love this about her!

I’d like add at this point, that if you listen to Audible at all, this audio version of this book is outstanding! Jacob Morgan/Zachary Webber narrates from Ridge’s perspective and he is amazing. As I have said countless times, I would allow that man to recite the phone book to me and I would drink in each and every last word. Whew!

Moving on… I followed Maybe Someday up with the novella, Maybe Not, which follows Ridge and Sydney’s other two roommates, Warren and Bridget. What a treat this was!

I found Warren, the porn-obsessed joker who has known Ridge since they were ten years old, to be a sheer delight! But I did NOT like Bridget. As she herself admitted often in Someday, she is a BITCH.

In Not we learn a little about why she is so prickly. And damn if I didn’t grow to love her too. But it was not enough for me. Maybe Not should have been it’s own novel. I wanted to see things from Bridget’s perspective, because – while she is more open with Warren than anyone else – she does not let people in and I wanted needed to know why she was so hardened to love. We get hints but no details.

I could spend weeks learning more about the four in this apartment — I’d also like to read more about Brennan, Ridge’s younger brother and fledgling rock star. Colleen Hoover, I beseech thee — I need MORE!




  1. I neglected this book in my Audible library for far too long and, like you, regretted it because I loved it so freaking much. My heart could NOT handle it!

    I haven’t read Maybe Not yet, should I?

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