My Mom — Remembered Through Books

Happy Mother’s Day all! Since I lost my mom a few years ago, Mother’s Day has been a little bittersweet for me. But this year especially I am trying to focus on all the wonderful memories my mom gave me, instead of focusing on how I miss her.

This is my mom:


Ain’t she cute?

Sallie Deffendall was the best. Funny, artistic, sweet and generous. She shared with us her love of reading, so she has three kids who all love to read.

Some of my first memories are of my mom reading to me. I had a set of Beatrix Potter books that she would read to me. My favorite was The Tale of Two Bad Mice.

But the book I remember Mom reading the most often – she was very in touch with the child inside so it was a favorite to us both – was The House at Pooh Corner.

She was the kind of mom who would make the voices while reading. And I remember holding a stuffed Eeyore (that I believe she sewed) as I settled in for bed each night. I cannot see or hear Winnie the Pooh without thinking of my mom.

As I got older, Mom would recommend different books to me. She let me borrow her copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and I was forever changed. It’s still my favorite book. And I am pleased to say her first edition copy of the novel sits on my bookshelf today.

My sister is a librarian, so she would most often make book recommendations to the family. I can’t forget the feeling of pride I had when mom asked me for a recommendation!

I suggested Angela’s Ashes and she loved it!

Mom’s family was very Irish. Very Irish. And I knew she would enjoy McCourt’s tale of his journey to America and his relationship with his own mother, Angela.

I’m home sick with a cold this weekend. Whenever I’m under the weather I always think even more of my mom… of how she’d make me hot tea and rub my hair. Perhaps I’ll brew myself a cup today and pick up one of these old favorites as I remember the very best mom a girl could have!

Do you have a book that reminds you of your mother? Let me know in the comments. Happy Mother’s Day all!


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