Loving Mr. Daniels


By Brittainy Cherry

My first thoughts on Loving Mr. Daniels was, “I loved this book the first time I read it – when it was called Slammed and Colleen Hoover wrote it!”

But I kept with it and I am glad I did because Loving Mr. Daniels – while similar, I must admit – is a completely different book and I really glad I gave it a chance.

OK, so let’s get the similarities out of the way. Both books involve girls who are grieving, who have moved to a new city only to meet a devastatingly handsome stranger with whom they share one magical, perfect night only to find out the next week that said hottie is actually their English/Poetry teacher.


OK, they’re really similar….. so why am I not tearing apart Cherry’s novel as a rip off???

Well, I loved her characters. Though they may have been put into similar situations as Hoover’s characters, they react to them differently. (And Daniel Daniels – yeah, that’s his name – is totally book boyfriend-worthy!)

Of course, Ashlynn would fall for Mr. Daniels – I did! I think most girls would – he’s hot, he’s smart, he quotes Shakespeare and he has a band. I mean, come on. The chemistry between the two is perfection. I like that Ashlynn, while full of the required angst, does not spend the entire novel doubting Daniel’s feelings for her. It’s refreshing to see the heroine of one of these teacher/student storylines dealing with something a little deeper than “will we get caught?”

I rated this baby 4 stars on GoodReads. What stopped me from giving a full five? Well, let’s be honest. It’s cheesy at times. Though it’s the kind of cheese that makes you smile, makes you sigh, and makes you wish that men in reality were that romantic. And, yeah…. It’s eerily similar to another book that I desperately loved. (Did I mention both stories involve the girls getting notes from a lost loved one to give them sage advice and remember to live life to the fullest? Geez! Writing this review wants me to lower my star rating!)

But, no! The truth is I enjoyed this one. And I loved Slammed. I don’t know if I could pick between them. It’s like, one is Chris Evans and one is Chris Pratt.

Can the world have too many Chrisses? I say no!

Yeah. They’re similar. People get them confused. But they’re both awesome. Can’t we just enjoy both? Let’s enjoy both!

4 stars, dammit!


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