bitsweetBy Sarina Bowen

When I picked up the audiobook, Bittersweet, I was only looking for a light read – something to pass the time but not tax my brain too much. The book delivered; it’s pretty drama-free and easy to read (listen to).

I was hoping to like the book. I didn’t know I’d love it. This is a solid 4.5 stars. Romantic and funny — I actually chuckled out loud several times (embarrassing when listening in public!). And the narrators, particularly Tad Branson, were fabulous. The only thing keeping Bittersweet from 5 stars of perfection is the aforementioned lack of depth. But, screw it! This book is delightful!

Griffin Shipley was an NFL contender in college. That’s where he met Audrey Kidder. Things didn’t work out with Audrey. Nor with football and now he finds himself at his family farm, making cider and wishing for something more. Years later Audrey stumbles into his life once again…

The former college party girl is now a would-be chef and Griff’s organic produce is not the only thing that has her drooling.

I’ll give you a hint…..


This couple is so entertaining! Griff is so grumpy. And Audrey is so perfect at calling him on his shit! He calls her “princess,” which she takes to be an insult, until someone points out that Griff loves Star Wars and Han Solo always called Leia “princess.” *sigh*

And yeah, he had me at Star Wars. Griffin Shipley is definitely book boyfriend material.

I can’t wait to read more in this True North series. The side characters introduced are very intriguing and I can’t wait to see how Griff and Audrey navigate their crazy relationship.

For those looking for a light read (listen), I highly recommend!

Bittersweet is also a single word title! Therefore it will be my April submission for The Ultimate Reading Challenge!



  1. […] Up next is an ARC of Lisa Loomis’ Boy In a Band, Penelope Ward’s RoomHate, and Sarina Bowen’s Steadfast. I’m really looking forward to the last one because I so enjoyed the first book in this series, Bittersweet. […]


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