Mr. President


By Katy Evans

Quick review here, because I have to talk about this one…..

I took a quick break from this week’s reading plan to listen to this audio book that just became available at the public library.

HOLY HELL I wasn’t expecting this to be so good! This is the JFK, Jr. fanfic that I never knew I ALWAYS wanted!

**Can we take a minute and appreciate the beauty that was John F. Kennedy, Jr., God rest his soul?**

jfk jr

I should say, I don’t know if this was really intended to be JFK, Jr., fanfic. But he kept running through my head as I listened to this one demanding that I Google photos of him!

So, onto the book: Matthew Hamilton is the handsome son of an assassinated U.S. President and he is now running for office himself. Charlotte’s had a crush on him since she was 11, but she never expected that he’d return her feelings.

When she begins working in his campaign office, sparks fly. And. It. Is. Delicious.

Ultimate_Reading_Challenge_smallThis was my first Katy Evans book (making it my March selection for Reading Frenzy’s Ultimate Reading Challenge –  A New-to-You Author), but I will definitely be reading more (especially the sequel, Commander in Chief. The ending on this one left me running to see if the library has it too. Thanks goodness it does!). I love Evans’ writing style.

I also loved Matt. Like, a lot. He is sweet, he is uber-smart and he is passionate about wanting America to be the best it can be! (He’s actually pretty passionate about Charlotte too). This book is replete with secret trysts (I’ll never look at the Jefferson Memorial the same way), smoldering looks across office spaces and all the political strife you’d expect. I loved it!


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