A Series-ous Look At…. Hockey

I love hockey. The speed, the precision, the fights….the hot players…. I love everything about it! (Except playing it.)

With the Stanley Cup playoffs in just a few weeks, I’m all about hockey right now. My heart belongs to the sport, especially to one particular player….

seguin 2
Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars Forward and my not-so-secret crush.

*le sigh*

Here are some of my favorite books, by series, about hockey. But before I get into it, let me stress: you do not have to be a hockey fan to enjoy these books!

  1. The Pucked series by Helena Hunting

pucked series

Oh how this series cracks me up! Funny, sexy and utterly entertaining! The first book in the seven-book series focuses on Alex, a player for an un-named Chicago hockey team and Violet, the step-sister of Alex’s teammate. Violet’s stepbrother, Buck, doesn’t want them together but some attractions can’t be ignored.

The seriess follows other members of the team: Buck, Randy, (my personal favorite) Lance “Romance” Romero. As the gang gets bigger so do the laughs.

2. Cranberry Inn series/Viper’s Heart duet by Beth Ehemann


The Cranberry Inn series features Brody Murphy, a player for real-life hockey team the Minnesota Wild. After a rain storm he gets stuck for the night at the Cranberry Inn where he meets single mom, Kacie and sparks fly. Brody is sweet and sexy. Kacie is feisty and funny. I love them.

In the Viper’s Heart duet (Cement Heart and Wild Heart), we are treated to Viper’s story (and it is a treat). Viper is Brody’s teammate and BFF. He’s also a total manwhore. So watching him become a family man is so much fun!

I think of these two often when watching the dynamic between Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin on the Dallas Stars. A bromance of epic proportions, indeed.bennguin

In Even the Score Ehemann gives us Brody’s agent, Andy’s, story. And we also get to catch up with Brody and Viper. It’s a satisfying epilogue to their stories in addition to being a fun read on its own.

3. Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy

off campusCollege hockey players Garrett, Tucker, Logan and Dean all share an apartment off campus at a Boston College. They also share two goals: get laid and win the Frozen Four. These new adult novels were all quick reads for me, but I enjoyed them quite a bit. Though I must admit, it was the hockey that really made them fun for me, therefore they’re on the list!

Now that I’ve introduced you to my favorite hockey books, let me introduce you to some of my favorite hockey players. Don’t worry; it’s okay to drool….

From top left clockwise: Tyler Seguin, #91 (but #1 in my heart), Dallas Stars; Roman Josi, #59, Nashville Predators; Jamie Benn, #14, Dallas Stars; Tom Wilson, #43 Washington Capitals; Ryan Hartman, #38, Nashville Predators


  1. OMG bless your soul for writing this post because I’m all about hockey romances lately. It’s all thanks to Pucked (Alex and Lance are my loves).

    Also… Tyler… YUM.

    Liked by 1 person

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