Wait for It


By Mariana Zapata

Dear Mariana Zapata, why are you so effing awesome?

Dubbed by her fans as the “Queen of the Slow Burn,” Zapata’s name choice for this book is spot on. I mean, Spot. On!

Because she had me waiting for it for what felt like forever and it felt soooo good!

Diana Casillas is caring for her brother’s two kids and let me tell you, Josh and Louie, those boys are the stars of this book. The beauty of her relationship with them had me completely in tears (which is why Wait for It is my February submission to the Ultimate Reading Challenge – read a tear-jerker). But the book moves from having me in tears of sorrow to those of love to those of laughter. Louie in particular is hilarious. With all of these tears, Wait for It is most definitely a tear-jerker.

For those who like surly alpha males with a heart of gold, our hero Dallas is the perfect man for you. And Zapata may be the perfect writer for you, because that is her specialty. Get thee to a bookstore and pick up one of her books! May I suggest Under Locke?

Favorite quotes from Wait for It:

“There was a lot of things about love that you could only learn after you’d faced the real kind. The best kind wasn’t this soft, sweet thing of hearts and picnics. It wasn’t flowery and divine. Real love was gritty. The real kind of love never quit. Someone who loved you would do what’s best for you; they’d stand up for you and sacrifice. Someone who loved you would face any inconvenience willingly. You didn’t know what love was until someone was willing to give up what they loved the most for you. But it was also never letting them make that choice, either.”

“You can’t always wait for someone else to do the right thing when you can do it yourself.”

Rating: Mmmm… Four potatoes, baby!



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