Fallen Heir


By Erin Watt

“I’m a screw-up. They all know it, and they love me in spite of it.”

Ah, Easton Royal… I have missed you so! While reading the Royals trilogy – as much as I loved Ella and Reed – I knew Easton needed his own book. At last it is here!

Sarcastic, lazy and oversexed, East is rich as sin and used to getting his own way. So when he meets Hartley Wright and she has the nerve to turn him down (Seriously. That’s never happened to him before.), he vows to get her into bed. Somehow on his quest, he falls for her.

How can you NOT fall for Hartley? She’s awesome! Spunky and independent, she’s completely unwilling to be another lemming. And she’s not going to fall for Easton’s charm. At least, she doesn’t think so….

“You wouldn’t have been able to hate me. No one can.”


I really enjoyed the first three novels in the series.


I loved this one too, though not quite as much… I dunno…. Once we see how East spends his days – drinking and fighting. He lost a little of his charm for me. He came off kinda just rascally in the first three books. But in Fallen Heir, there were times he looked downright pathetic. I have a feeling he’s going to redeem himself in the next book though.

Yes! There will be another installment! Everyone told me to have Broken Prince ready to go when I was done reading Paper Princess because there was one hell of a cliffhanger. Well, Fallen Heir was not without one giant cliffhanger of its own. Don’t ask for spoilers though — I’ll never tell!

Here’s what I love about Erin Watt — she (they? It’s really two authors…) get family dysfunction. They understand teenage angst and can successfully crank it up, put it into overdrive and tell a completely realistic modern-day fairytale with just enough heat. You know on one level these things could never happen in reality but you still find yourself saying, “I buy it.”

The tag line says it all, “These Royals Will Ruin You.”

But you will love every second.

**I received an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.**


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