Up in the Treehouse


By KK Allen

Some books you read; some books you consume. Really great books consume you.

I usually forget about one book when I move onto another — even books I truly love. I read so much and I get so involved in the story that the last tends to be forgotten unless something makes me remember it….

But KK Allen’s Up in the Treehouse is haunting me. It’s been days and I’m still thinking about it. This story has a little bit of everything:a love triangle, love-with-the-boy-next-door, workplace romance, second chance romance, and tragedy. So much tragedy. You’d think by using this many popular romance tropes that Treehouse would come off wholly unoriginal or hackneyed. But. It. Doesn’t.

The background: Chloe Rivers lives across the woods from the Rhodes twins, Devon and Gavin. They’ve been friends since they were twelve. That’s almost how long she’d been in love with Gavin…

“I wanted to tell him all my secrets, but he became one of them instead.”

The three used to spend their days up in the Rhodes’ treehouse — Chloe writing, Devon working out, and Gavin sketching. Always sketching.

After high school tragedy strikes and Chloe loses track of Gavin, her best friend and one true love. Only to come face to face with him four years later. Now she can’t escape him. Can they still be friends? Or maybe more?

“The best kind of love is one that stems from friendship. One that grows as its nurtured with patience and kindness, blossoming at just the right time.”

I saw this meme online and it pretty much fits me to a tee:book

Because..yeah, add Gavin Rhodes to my loooong list of book boyfriends! He is written to perfection — sweet, loyal, a little nerdy and a little broken. I. Love. Him! ❤ Chloe is, likewise, an amazing character. Her journey to self confidence after being bullied as a child is a commendable one.

There is a strong anti-bullying theme throughout the book and it adds depth to the story that I truly enjoyed. It’s been a while since a book made me tear up or gasp in surprise. This one did both. I don’t want to ruin any surprises with spoilers so I’ll keep this vague.

Allen’s writing is on point. Her characters are completely lovable, even when they do less-than-lovable things. If you want a book that will make you laugh, then cry and keep you missing it days after you’re done, then Up in the Treehouse might just fit the bill.



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