By Rainbow Rowell

I love Rainbow Rowell. I love her characters, her word choice and her quirk (is that a word? I’m making it one)!

This book was interesting because rather than being a story about a couple falling in love, it’s a story about a couple fighting to STAY in love, a task accomplished with a little Christmas magic.

The main character of Georgie could be me. She’s my age, is obsessed with comedy and has a biting wit. Me, me, me. So I really identified with her. And her husband Neil is standoffish and generally hates everyone. Find me a young adult in the 90s who didn’t act this way. Georgie and Neil may be having something fantastical occur to them (a magical phone that allows 30-something Georgie to communicate with a 20-something Neil), but they are grounded solely in reality. I know these people. I am these people.

Few writers make me connect with characters and see myself in them like Rainbow Rowell. She is among my absolute favorites.


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