The Opposite of You


by Rachel Higginson

A very strong 4 stars!

Vera’s last relationship with a chef turned her off men altogether. Now she’s trying to get her career back on track and working on opening her food truck. When she meets Killian, the tattooed chef of the posh restaurant across the street, she can’t stand him. And he’s clearly threatened by her! But the tension is so thick, it’s delicious. That’s a word I’d use often in describing this novel. Delicious. As in the food they cooked and the heat between the two main characters made my mouth water. Absolutely delicious.

We saw just enough of the side characters — Vera’s best friend and brother, Killian’s sous chef and childhood friend — for me to care about them. There, apparently, will be more books in this series and I will definitely be reading them to see what happens to the rest of the gang!

This book brought a LOT of things I like together — chefs (I’m a foodie), beards and tattoos (Killian is HAWT) and enemies to lovers. You knew that Killian and Vera would end up together, but the journey they take to get there — their incessant fights about her overuse of salt and his pompous ego — were completely entertaining. This is one I could definitely see me giving a second read!

I want to thank all the ladies on the Penny Reid fan club page, Sharks of Awesome for the suggestion, because I loved it!


  1. […] restaurant across the plaza wants her gone. So why does he visit her so often??? I gave this one four stars, but I really can’t remember why I didn’t give it five… Killian is a […]


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