The Sun Is Also a Star


by Nicola Yoon

Can you fall in love in just one day?

I know I fell in love with this book in the first 20 minutes or so!

Natasha doesn’t believe in love. She believes in what can be proven scientifically. But when young poet Daniel meets her, he just knows she’s the one for him. And he is prepared to prove it to her, scientifically!

I love how this books takes the fantastical – there are a LOT of coincidences in this book that are just completely improbable – and ground them with truth and grit and reality.

Natasha is an undocumented Jamaican immigrant living in New York City. On her last day in America she meets Daniel, the dutiful son of two very traditional Korean Americans. Through a series of coincidences and fated events, they spend the day together. And magic happens.

I love these two. I love that neither of them are who you would expect them to be and yet exactly who you want them to be. They’re at turning points in their lives – trying to stay in the country, trying to prepare for college.

This book takes very real topics like sibling rivalry, family dysfunction, racism, suicide and illegal immigration and serves them up in an adorable tale of love at not first sight, but second!

Bonus points given for diversity and hot kissing. Loved it!


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