by L. J. Dee

Hmmm…. this book starts out as a modernized Cinderella tale, morphs into Lolita, then Beauty and the Beast with some Fifty Shades of Grey thrown in for good measure. It may be book one of The Princess Trilogy, but it is no fairytale.

I can get down with some kink, and I can look past our heroine’s desire to call our hero “daddy” but I’m not fond of it mixed with the fact that he IS actually a father figure to her. Having a man be attracted to a woman he held as a three year old toddler just doesn’t do it for me. It creeps me out.

I did not like either the hero or heroine of our story. The former is a criminal who gets off on calling a woman a s*ut, while he’s the biggest one of all and the latter is a spineless git who’s more obsessed with the chase than with actually seeing the man she’s chasing. Because believe me, there’s not much good there, despite the fact that she keeps telling him how good he is.

If you’re into chicks with daddy issues and men who equate pain with sex, then this is the novel for you but I did not like it at all. Though the writing was decent, I saw the big “twist” a mile away and I just had to work to finish it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Honestly? I wanted to like it, but it just fell short for me.


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