Just an Illusion: EP


by D. Kelly

*Blows bangs out of face* Whew! So many emotions….

I liked this book! Though I’ve got to be honest, not as much as the first two in the series… How am I supposed to give a spoiler-free review and explain this???

You can’t talk about EP without talking about Side A and B. They are a set. So let me begin at the beginning. I LOVED Sides A & B. Loved them. Like, a lot.

I liked the life set on the tour bus and have a real appreciation for Kelly’s ability to give good “dudespeak” i.e. her men talk like men. I liked the relationship between the band members and then how they brought author Amelia in to the gang. And mostly I loved how it bucked tradition a little with the choices our heroine made (sorry, I’d go in to more detail here but I’m trying REALLY HARD to keep this spoiler free!).

In EP, we lose a lot of what I loved about the first two books. The band is now off tour and separated by circumstance and I miss the dynamic of having the four of them together. And when they were together there was just so much talking about their feelings. I felt like some of these conversations were repetitive and I didn’t always feel they talked like men, but more like a woman talking like men. Hey, I’m not hating here. I know that’s a really hard task for female authors – to convey deep feeling while still sounding masculine. Believe me, I wish more real life men talked like the men in romance novels…. I just feel like Kelly was more successful in this task with her first two offerings.

I felt a little predictability with the finale. I knew where it was going within minutes of opening the book and that hampered my love for it.

That said, I LOVE the characters Kelly has created here. I love Mel, ALL the boys in the band and the new characters introduced in this installment. I love how it hit me right in the feels! I cried for the first 20% of the book. You broke my heart, D. Kelly! But you put it back together at the end (as I never doubted you would).

EP is still good! Still worth a read. Just falling a little short of the near perfection I found in the first two.

**I received an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


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