Neanderthal Seeks Human


by Penny Reid

Neanderthal Seeks Human is Book One in Reid’s Knitting in the City Series, a series I discovered by first reading its spin-off series, The Winston Brothers.

I love Penny Reid so much! I began reading romance to escape a few things I didn’t want to think about. To shut my brain off. But Reid is such a smart writer she always gets me thinking anyway.

And she challenges me too. I always need to have a dictionary nearby. Words I leaned in Neanderthal Seeks Human? Tenebrous, oblectation, turpitude and sanguine.

Our heroine, Janie, is very much like me. She has a head full of useless facts and she tends to spit them out at inopportune times, particularly when she’s nervous. Hottie McHotpants Quinn Sullivan makes her nervous. The result is endlessly amusing.

Neanderthal Seeks Human is completely the smart romance that it’s billed to be. And I love that Reid makes smart so sexy. And I can’t wait to read everything she’s written!


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