Just An Illusion: Side A


by D. Kelly

I love reading. I love getting lost in a story. Each night I come home and the second my dogs are walked and fed, we all curl up on the couch – they with their balls and chew toys, me with my iPad.

But it’s rare that a book comes along that engrosses me so thoroughly that I want to live in the pages of the story. Just An Illusion: Side A was one of those books for me. I was actually frustrated. I wanted to bring my iPad to work and sneak off to the bathroom with it, so no one would catch me reading on the clock. But I knew if I did that, I’d finish the book faster and I didn’t want my time with the characters to end.

No. Just An Illusion is not going to win a Nobel for literature. But I found the characters lovable, the writing style enjoyable and the story entertaining.

When best-selling author Amelia Greyson is dragged to a Bastards and Dangerous concert by her bestie, Belle, she’s less than thrilled. She doesn’t care for their music and frankly, she’s kind of over the whole music scene. After meeting, the boys of BAD invite her on the road with them so that she can write their story, and Amelia finds she might not be so “over” the music scene after all.

OK, the boys of BAD? I’ve been reading a lot of rock star romances lately – not all by choice. Of all the stories I read, these guys seem to be the most true-to-life and likable. At the center of the group are fraternal twin brothers, Noah and Sawyer. Though they may look similar, they are polar opposites. Sawyer is troubled and brooding. Noah is sweet and charming. Both of them have their eye on Amelia.

Noah is every girl’s dream come true. He’s sweet, attentive, funny, just the right amount of jealous and a MUSICIAN. And….HOT. I spent much of this book thinking, “Mel, don’t look at Sawyer! Just look at Noah! He’s the perfect man!” But Sawyer’s got that tortured soul. The broken bad boy with the heart of gold that every girl wants to heal. In another novel, he might be the hero I would choose! So, I suppose I understand Mel’s conundrum. I also just feel the choice is clear. (Psst. The choice isn’t clear. Some girls will say Noah. Some will say Sawyer.) Noah is perfection.

But the real star of the novel is Amelia. I love her voice. She had me from the opening lines: “Stories are meant to be told. I firmly believe that, or I wouldn’t have pursued a career in writing. And yet, some stories should never be told for a variety of reasons. My story – OUR story – is on the cusp of both of those beliefs.”

Mel is intelligent and loving and not afraid to put a man in his place (I’m looking at you Sawyer). But she’s got a few walls up to protect her from past heartbreaks. She is fully aware of this flaw though and I love that about her. Her friendship with Belle feels not unlike mine with my bestie.

In Just An Illusion, D. Kelly mixes the right amount of heat with just the right amount of humor into the story – mostly provided by the interaction between the four BAD members. One scene that involved a pack of condoms, Thanksgiving dinner, and Sawyer and Noah’s mom had me giggling like a school girl!

Unlike the boys of Bastards and Dangerous, Just an Illusion: Side A is not half BAD. (See what I did there?)

If you’re looking for a fun and sexy read, Just an Illusion: Side A is just the ticket, but be warned! There is one helluva cliffhanger at the end. So don’t pick this up if you don’t want to be waiting with bated breath until Side B is released in March!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. And honestly? I can’t wait for Part B!


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